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Four Key Products from Satisfyer, a Tech-Forward Sex Toy Brand Focused on Your Pleasure

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Four Key Products from Satisfyer, a Tech-Forward Sex Toy Brand Focused on Your Pleasure

Let’s be honest: You might not think your vibrator and a car have a whole lot in common. But there’s one brand that has harnessed the force of German engineering away from motor vehicles and towards the production of orgasms. 

Introducing Satisfyer, a brand that boasts a “human-centric” approach to sex toys — that is, their main focus is improving the user experience. Feedback drives their innovative, almost relentless engineering, allowing them to generate over 200 novel product features every year. Their product list has a heavy emphasis on vibrators, but also includes toys for couples as well as anal stimulators. 

Frankly, it’s the quality and novelty of their products that makes Satisfyer such a unique brand. Enough with the introduction — let’s get into specifics.

Cutie Love Heart Vibrator

When it comes to the Cutie Love Heart Vibrator, the Satisfyer designers coupled typical vibration functionality with air-wave pulses for a more nuanced and dynamic experience. This air pulse technology has quite literally broken records for how quickly it can bring on an orgasm. Safe to say that this silicone-soft, pastel heart (because yes, it is shaped like a heart) packs a powerful punch. Bonus: It’s completely waterproof and comes with a 15-year guarantee. 

Satisfyer Pro Generation II Vibrator

The Satisfyer Pro Generation II vibrator maximizes the same air-pulse technology featured in the Cutie Love Heart Vibrator. Shaped like a showerhead (that nostalgic source of female orgasms), this double air pulse vibrator is sleek and… well, sexy. It’s the product that won Satisfyer fame. The motor is quiet and waterproof, making it both bathtub-safe and roommate-safe. Like Satisfyer’s other products, the vibrating portion is made of soft silicone. 

Men One Masturbator 

The Men One Masturbator is a sleeve with adjustable compression levels, similar to the frequency levels on a vibrator. The instructions are simple: just lube up, choose your preferred level of “resistance,” and then insert into the soft silicone opening for a pleasant sucking sensation.

Plugalicious Anal Vibrator


This internal vibrator is specifically designed for anal stimulation. It has two motors, a cone-like shape, and a flattened tip. There is also a wide base at the opposite end of the toy, making it safer for anal use. (Unlike the vagina, the anus is just the entrance to the long, internal canal known as your gastrointestinal tract. There is nothing to stop things from being “sucked up” into your bowels, which can cause serious health issues. That’s why you shouldn’t insert anything that doesn’t have a wide base as a preventative measure!) Like many other Satisfyer products, this anal vibrator is made from soft silicone and has app-control functions, allowing for seamless, hands-free play.