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BTBz is a stigma-free resource guide, e-commerce platform, and social community supporting young people’s sexual wellness journeys.

We curate the best research and product recommendations to help you explore sex at your comfort level. We also host events and create educational programs that make sex education engaging, informative, and free of judgment.

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Elizabeth Ashford

Founder & Creative Director

My name is Elizabeth. My passion for sexual education developed in high school, but really grew during my time as an undergraduate. While I was attending Harvard College, I was a board member of SHEATH: Sexual Health, Education, and Advocacy Throughout Harvard College. We focused on destigmatizing, empowering, and including people in the conversation of sex and sex-ed. Our primary goal was to organize events that explored topics such as body positivity in sex, period sex, sex toys, questions on sexuality and so much more.

Being able to help deliver fact-based research on a topic that is so often taught in a misleading and misogynistic light ended up being one of the most fulfilling experiences I had during my time at school.

When I graduated from college in 2019, I launched BTBz as a way to stay involved in the sexual education community and to keep myself accountable to learn more. I loved this work so much that I turned BTBz from a part-time blog, into what you are seeing today.

The most important thing that I want to highlight here is that my work is based on my passion for research and advocacy. This is not a place for official medical information.

I am learning with all of you, and I hope that I can use my voice to normalize this content, while making it feel relatable, interesting, and empowering.

Meet the team