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Gift Guide, Couples’ Must-Haves

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Gift Guide, Couples’ Must-Haves

It takes two to tango — but even the most seasoned dancers can benefit from props and toys. No matter how long you’ve been with your partner, you might be curious about adding props and toys to your sex life. That doesn’t mean you’re dissatisfied. It just means you’re willing to explore!

Introducing a stimulant to a partnered sex session can feel daunting at first. Some partners might take the idea personally, or think that they’re not providing enough pleasure on their own. Others might be worried about how their partner will react — often for that reason. It’s worth remembering that toys enhance but can never replace the person you’re intimate with. After all, a dildo or other accessory can’t listen as you talk about your day, or provide crucial skin-to-skin contact as you cuddle. 

Before you and your partner break in a new toy, take time to chat about what each of you is looking for in the experience. Communicating throughout the session is important, too. You might want to introduce a safe word if the toy is particularly kinky, and you should feel safe to express what feels good and what can feel better.

Ready to add a third to your pairing? Here are some easy to use toys and tools that are meant especially for partner play. 

Oh Collective Anniversary Gift Bundle:

Give the gift of options. This kit includes a dick ring, a vibrating underwear ring, and more — it’s perfect for the couple looking to explore their horizons and each other.

Buy Now: €89.95 EUR ($94.81)

Uncommon Goods Love is Art Kit:

Get in touch with your creative side. Lay out the canvas, paint your partner’s body, and get intimate.

Buy Now: $60.00

Bloomi Arousal Oil:

Oils are the perfect way to let your partner relax as you feel your way around. This organic and silicone-free formula will help make good touch feel even better.

Buy Now: $45.00

Unbound Nipple and Clit Clamp:

For the couple looking to gift a different kind of jewelry, this kit provides a little sparkle and a whole lot of stimulation.

Buy Now: $35.00

Flex Fits Flex Disc:

Yes, penetrative sex on your period that’s minimal on mess is possible. This disc works like a flat menstrual cup — pop it into place prior to intercourse.

Buy Now: $11.99  

Knude Society Melt:

This mood-setting candle is made from massage oil that melts down as the flame burns. Best of all, it smells like black pepper and raspberry — it’s spicy and sweet.

Buy Now: £25.00 ($30.36)

We’re Not Really Strangers Couples Edition:

This card game isn’t for the faint of heart. It comes with 150 cards meant to help you dive deeper and get to know your partner on a new, honest level.

Buy Now: $20.00