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Meet Sauce, the Chinese Sex-Toy Brand With Pleasurable Picks for All

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Meet Sauce, the Chinese Sex-Toy Brand With Pleasurable Picks for All

It might sound contradictory but having a rich and fulfilling sex life is not only about sex. It’s about confidence, personal growth, communication, feeling like your needs are met… In other words, the physical act of sex is just one part of a larger whole. When sex-toy brands believe in that as well… you know their products are going to leave a lasting impression.  Sauce, a Chinese brand that promotes bold sexuality as part of a larger lifestyle choice, is exhibit A.

The vibe of this brand is a little bit edgy and borders on avante-garde — so if you’re interested in bold, innovative designs and sultry advertising, keep reading.

What does Sauce have to offer?

Everything from brand events and fragrances, to sex toys, t-shirts, and shorts. Their website is mostly in Chinese, so web-browser translations can help you navigate if you’re not versed in the language. Today, we’re reviewing two of their toys: the male masturbator known as the Sauced Cup, and the Sweetheart vibrator.

Sauced Cup

This “Sauce Cup” is a male masturbator with an open mouth for insertion, and a number of settings to suit any personal preference. You can pick between smooth, elevated, tight, or all-around sensations. It’s also engineered to keep any sound to the minimum (in fact, the noise-reduction technology is even patented), which makes this a great pick if you live with roommates or parents, or simply have thin walls and neighbors close by.

The toy is both sturdy and high-tech. You can tell and feel the high-end care that went into this product. Lube is a necessity when inserting a penis into the device — and it’s sold separately, so make sure you or your partner has your favorite brand on hand. You then can click your way through different motions to select the setting of your choice. Go slow when you are playing with this for the first time, as the change-ups of temp and speed can feel surprising or intense.


BTBz readers constantly tell us that suction vibrators bring on some of the smoothest, most pleasurable orgasms. The Sauce Sweetheart Vibrator delivers on this promise using first-in-class pressure sensing technology. According to the Sauce website, this makes the vibrator user-responsive and the sensation more comparable to human touch. Like the Sauce Cup, this soft silicone heart is made to be discreet and quiet.

This is the type of product where reading the directions is extremely helpful.. Where other clit suction vibrators use a dial to make the tempo faster versus slower, the Sauce Sweetheart features a pressure sensor. Simply press the device for more intensity, and give it a lighter touch for a subtler sensation. Once you find the right intensity for your solo session, you click the button once and it's locked. So for example, if you’re craving the highest intensity, we recommend you press the device into your palm and then lock it in. The double sensation of pressing into the vibrator while pressing into your clit could be a bit too much sensation, if you get our drift.

Past that point, the device is pretty straightforward — simply place it on the body part where you want a pleasurable suction feeling, including your genitals and nipples. The added benefit of the little heart-shaped plug helps keep the toy clean, though you should always care for your toys carefully to prolong their life.