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ONE Condoms

Sexual education often fails to cover the wide variety of products that can help make intercourse both safe and enjoyable. The majority of programs in the United States favor abstinence-only or abstinence-plus programs, rather than comprehensive and inclusive methods. Here is a quick look at the three ways that sex-ed is typically taught:

The comprehensive approach...
....discusses safer sex from an inclusive perspective, presenting contraception and abstinence as equally valid means of avoiding both pregnancy and STIs. However, one study found that only one-third of students in these courses are aware of where and how to obtain contraception (1).

The abstinence-only approach...

...focuses on preventing sex outside of marriage completely. This group is particularly guilty for the spread of misinformation—for example, that condoms and birth control methods like the pill are ‘ineffective’.

The abstinence-plus approach...

...highlights abstinence as the superior option, but will include some information about birth control and contraception.


myONE Perfect Fit

With that being said, it's important to seek out information and know your options. Luckily, I think that most are aware that condoms are in fact effective in protecting against STIs and unwanted pregnancy (despite poorly run sex-ed). So today, we are taking it one step further to highlight the progressive products brought by ONE® Condoms.

At ONE® Condoms, the company recognized that there was a big gap in condom sizing availability. They noticed that standard, off-the-shelf condoms were 7.5 inches long, while the average penis was about 5.5 inches. Moreover, the sizing issue was causing more than just discomfort as it can lead to condom slippage, issues of erection loss, or purple ring marks on the penis if the condom is too tight. They found this problem was highly prevalent, given that only 12% of condom users find a perfect fit from in-store options (2). As questioned on their website, “What if only 12% of clothes properly fit?”

As a solution, ONE® launched myONE®, which offers 60 condom sizes by combining 10 lengths and 9 girths sizes to create the perfect fit.

In order to find your size, they offer three easy ways to measure yourself:

1) With the FitKit® measuring tool,


2) Using a measuring tape/ruler (enter measurements here),

3) Answering a quick survey about previous condom experiences.

(They also provide the option of getting a $2 sample kit here)

They offer not only innovative customization through myONE, but the ONE website also includes products with unique features such as glow in the dark condoms or creative packaging to spice things up (you can even enter an annual contest to have your design featured on the latest condom wrapper). Furthermore, they have recently expanded into offering lubricants as well, so I definitely recommend checking them out! (Ps. You can also view this video for further explanation and visuals on myONE!)


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