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Gift Guide, Self-Care Under $20

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Gift Guide, Self-Care Under $20

Looking to heat things up in the bedroom but short on cash? You don’t need to spend a fortune to indulge in your pleasure. 

Sure, plenty of top-of-the-line vibrators and other toys can be expensive — and you should always invest in good products if you can, because they’re often safer and more reliable than many cheaper products on the market. (You don’t want to put poorly-made anything near sensitive body parts!) But that doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money on everything you want to try. 

When it comes to buying intimate toys and accessories on a budget, focus on quality — as well as high standards. If you’re going to put something in or around your genitalia or other erogenous zones, make sure you’ve vetted the ingredients carefully — and yes, you can find products with quality ingredients under $20! Otherwise, keep your standards high when it comes to inclusivity and accessibility. Keeping these items stocked in a bedside table drawer means they’ll be close at hand, whenever you want or need them.

With that in mind, BTBz has you covered with little gifts — for yourself or your lover — under $20. Buy a few stocking stuffers or use these additives like the cherry on top of your sex life. Either way, you’ll explore intimacy and relaxation on a new level.

Glow-in-the-dark condoms (ONE condoms)

Turn off the lights and turn up the fun. These ONE condoms are non-toxic and made from comfortable latex, for plenty of safe exploration. 

Buy Now: $3.99

Uber Lube

Lube is a must-have for your bedside table. Use this non-sticky formula for everything from foreplay to massages, as well as for making intercourse that much more comfortable.

Buy Now: $18.00


Don’t be fooled by the slightly jarring look of this skin activator — it's not sharp enough to cause damage. Roll it lightly over skin to cause new sensations in key places. (Just establish a safe word and to keep it away from super sensitive areas!) 

Buy Now: $18.00

OHNE Bliss Bar

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat? Bliss bars are tasty, and feature hemp oil, which experts believe can help alleviate cramping and promote relaxation. 

Buy Now: £5.50 ($6.72)

Popmask Big Hug Self-Heating Pad

If your period is particularly brutal, grab one of these pads and ease the pain. They’re cost-effective and cute, so keep a few on hand for whenever you need them. 

Buy Now: $3.00

Nightcap Intimate Playing Card Game

Queen of Hearts, anyone? This game is a great way to explore fantasies and bond in new ways.

Buy Now: $18.00

Piecework Scorpio Puzzle

This soothing mini puzzle reveals a still life of aphrodisiacs and sensual flowers. 

Buy Now: $20

Indie Lee Sleep Pillow Spray

Spritz chamomile and lavender on your pillow before you lie down to sleep, or to play. 

Buy Now: $15

Jennifer Freed Astrology for Lovers Cards

What’s your sign? Pair your big three with those of your partner’s and tap into the ancient practice of astrology. 

Buy Now: $18