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The Art Of A Sex Playlist

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The Art Of A Sex Playlist

Music has a way of moving a person’s mind and fostering a deeper awareness over their body. It can be a stress reliever, an aphrodisiac, and a source of inspiration. It’s no wonder that so many people want to incorporate music into their sex lives. The question is... how do you make a successful sex playlist?

The best sex playlist is unique to each person listening to it — as well as their partner. It needs to include songs that you enjoy, but also that you think your partner will vibe to.

There are a couple of key factors to take into consideration:

Genre Selection

First, think about the mood you are looking to set, and then the genre of music that fits that mood. For the most part, a good sex playlist will stick to the same genre. Switching up the tempo and sound too often can distract you and your partner. For example, you might not want to go from a slower song by The Weeknd right into something electronic by Kygo. This is not only due to the flow of music, but also because slower songs deepen a person’s breath and lower their heart rate, while fast-tempo songs encourage movement (4). Different types of music can still blend well together — the key here is to make sure they complement each other.

The art of a sex playlist

Sex Songs Vs Sexual Songs

Next, it is necessary to distinguish between “sex songs” and “sexual songs.”

“While you want it to suggest sex, you don’t want it to demand it,” Body and Soul Australia explained

While “Pony” by Ginuwine is very clear about its subject matter, you or your partner might be too distracted by its new relation to “Magic Mike” to focus on the task at hand. In contrast, “Breathe” by Sebb feat. Neev is subtly sexual, and can set the tone without becoming the primary show (the acoustic version is also great).

Of course, musical taste is personal, so take anyone’s specific suggestions with a grain of salt. What’s important to remember here is that asking yourself if a song is about sex, or if it is sexual, can help you as you create your playlist. This rule can also be especially useful for the beginning of the playlist, when the music is setting an initial tone. Feel empowered to pick what you like from there.

Ask Yourself The Right Questions

In order to answer which sex playlist is right for you, it sometimes takes asking yourself a few questions, Huffpost notes. You can start with:

“What songs or genres make me feel sexy?”

“What do I want the other person to feel?”

“If I were choreographing a sex scene in a movie, what would I want to hear?”

If you are looking for some inspiration, a research group pulled the top-used songs from a variety of sex playlists they were able to find on Spotify (3). Top artists included Jeremih, The Weeknd, Tinashe, Lana Del Ray, and Lorde (just to name a few).

PSA: One trusty tip I’ve only just learned: If you have a friend in music, it’s worth asking yourself if you want to hear their voice echoing in the background of your sexual experiences. No matter how amazing the songs are, the experience can take you out of the moment pretty quickly. But then again, to each their own. (And shout out to Sidney Bird, go check out her tunes!)

Once you’ve done these steps, experts recommend adding some post-sex tracks at the end (1). Remember that it’s important to not get too hung up on each and every song; just make sure to create the mood you are looking for. And if you are still struggling to create your dream sex playlist or are looking to revamp your experience, try swapping with friends who have similar taste in music as you!

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