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Biird, The Sex Toy Makers Publicizing Pleasure

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Biird, The Sex Toy Makers Publicizing Pleasure

Relaxation, endorphins, pleasure — these are all objectively good things, right? Of course!

But as Biird co-founder Andrea Rey de Viñas points out, these experiences are heavily stigmatized when placed within the context of female masturbation. For years, women — and everyone else, honestly — have been taught that women’s sexual pleasure should be serious, mysterious, and, above all, private. That means that millions of women have stashed their sex toys in the back of a dark closet or within an overstuffed sock drawer. For many, the idea that someone else might stumble upon any evidence of self-pleasure feels shameful or, at the very least, blush-inducing.

In an interview with the UK lifestyle magazine Zoella, Andrea acknowledges that there’s a time and place for formality and mystique in intimacy: that’s what makes dark lingerie and flickering candles so exciting. But some of the best-selling toys that she and her Biird co-founders design and sell challenge this very norm through fun colors, casual profiles, and multi-purpose capabilities. (Yes, your vibrator charger can and should double as a jewelry holder!)  

“There are times when you just want some alone time to relax and simply have a quick fun moment!” Andrea noted to Zoella. “Biird is there for all these situations.”

Obviously, we were intrigued by this up-and-coming company and their nuanced take on self-pleasure. So, if you (or someone you know) is in the business for a new sex toy, let us do some of the work for you. Beyond the Beez tried out two of Biird’s most popular products, named simply Namii and Evii.

The Namii Clitoral Suction Stimulator & Vibrator

Namii is an elevated clitoral vibrator that combines suction and pulsation modalities. While the sensation is intense, our users noted that it wasn’t overwhelming, which is particularly great if you’re new to suction-based toys. The ridges on the toy provide nuanced texture, and different setting options can help to personalize pleasure.

The design of Namii lends itself particularly well to solo play or specific sex positions. At first glance, it’s bulkier than other sex toys on the market, but its sturdy, high-quality design and strong motor set it apart. Consider this a go-to for masturbation sessions (whether you’re alone or if a partner is watching), bath time (we love a waterproof sex toy), and even for stimulating a partner during foreplay.

The Evii External Vibrator with Dual Motors

The Evii is a vibrator as you’ve probably never seen it before. The teardrop-like shape, soft silicone body, subtle ridges, and playful color options make this toy as cute as it is subtle. Don’t underestimate it though: the Evii boasts two motors and the promise to deliver “instant orgasms.”

Evii produces close to no noise, which means it’s roommate-safe and perfect for use in apartments with thin walls (because while you should never feel ashamed of your sex drive, sometimes you want privacy, and there’s nothing worse than a loud motor!). Like Namii, Evii is also fully waterproof, and the toy’s variety of settings allow for multiple sensations.

Evii’s design and colors make it feel like an item that doesn't need to be shoved away — in fact, Biird recommends putting your toy “proudly on your nightstand” right on their packaging! 

What About The Charger?

If you have multiple toys in your bedside drawer, you know it can be difficult to find which charger goes with which hardware. Even worse: if you’re still using battery-powered devices, there’s always the possibility of losing power mid-session and being out of replacements. The chargers that come with Biird devices are distinct from other kinds of chargers — sure, this means you need to keep track of the Biird charger to boot up your Biird toy, but you’ll know when you’ve found it in your stash. 

The charging platform also comes with soft lighting, which can aid the search and work to set the mood. Overall, our reviewers said that made for a seamless process of finding and using the chargers. 

As for packaging, ease of use is the name of the game here. The directions are prominently displayed on the inside of the package itself, which gives you a quick overview of all the info you’ll likely need. The rest is up to you — and your pleasure.