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Oh Collective, The brand putting a 360-degree focus on intimate pleasure

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Oh Collective, The brand putting a 360-degree focus on intimate pleasure

Picture this: an intimate wellness company run entirely by women. Four women, in fact, who happen to be the first-generation daughters of immigrants. And wait – they are also best friends.

No, we’re not just manifesting this. The Oh Collective is a company founded by women to promote sexual wellness and empowerment. The founders — who go by their first names, Winxi, Diana, Simona and Eden — have dedicated themselves to researching and developing sex toys with an emphasis on safety, fun, and “confidence with your intimate selves,” they note on their website. All of their products are carefully curated based on feedback from a community of sisters and women. What’s more, the company donates one percent of their earnings to charity.

So what does the Oh Collective have to offer? Everything from vibrators and tingling lubricant to practical period underwear — and they’ve earned buzz from outlets ranging from The Economist to Elle. But we didn’t just take their word for it. We tried out The Oh Collective’s Dream Team couple’s exploration set, as well as the Pixie and Kit vibrators. 


The Dream Team Set

When the BTBz team first began researching the Oh Collective, the Dream Team Set instantly caught our attention. A high-tech couple’s sex toy set that wouldn’t break the bank? Look no further.

The Dream Team set comes with a series of sex toys for you and your partner to enjoy together. The series includes the Disco Stick, a pen vibrator; the Cherry Bomb butt plug; the Panty Dropper vibrator; and Le Coq, which is a cock ring. All of the toys are waterproof, and made from body-safe silicone. They also contain a small remote controller that can be operated by either you or your partner. 

Wouldn’t know where to start? A spin-the-wheel game that comes with the box set makes for seamless decision-making. All you have to do to start is place the battery pack in any of the four options of choice. 

The variety of this set means you’re really getting a big bang for your buck. The anal plug and cock ring are particularly durable in feel, and super versatile — they’re meant to be used solo or during partner play. Given how affordable it is, it’s an easy way to try out different toys — and particularly toys you haven’t tried before.


Pixie Clitoral Vibrator

The Pixie vibrator is a clitoral stimulator — that means it’s non-penetrative and can really focus on clit play. It’s designed specifically with vibrator novices in mind, and is small enough to be tucked away in a carry-on bag during travel. (The pastel coloring and ambiguous shape make it a subtle companion.) The Pixie can also keep up with you as you advance: it has three levels of intensity, six different vibration levels, and 90 minutes of battery life.

Because the Pixie is compact, durable and fits nicely in the palm of your hand, it's very easy to target certain areas for the most stimulation. Its streamlined shape also makes it a perfect vibrator to use with a partner during intercourse.


Kit Clitoral & “G-Spot” Vibrator

The Kit vibrator is almost as discreet as the Pixie vibrator, just a little more… well, involved. The Kit is a soft, vibrating “wand” designed for both internal and external use. The entire toy is flexible, meaning its shape can be manipulated to your unique preferences, and vibration settings can be controlled with the single on/off button. 

Of course, the G-spot isn’t a real body part (for more on that, head to the BTBz breakdown!) but targeting the area that experts for years referenced can create pleasurable sensations. The Kit features a wide variety of settings, allowing you to pick the perfect tempo each session. The slightly bulbous shape also makes the toy easy to hold while still feeling very durable — you know you're not going to break it as you use it. Add it to a range of activities and positions, not just missionary — get creative and try as many angles as feel good.