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Personal Fav, The Brand Making Your New Go-To Lubricant

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Personal Fav, The Brand Making Your New Go-To Lubricant

In the last decade, self-care has become…  well, complicated. Everywhere you turn, there are voices telling you which products you just have to have and which to avoid at all costs. Even more overwhelming is the constant flood of new research on the allegedly harmful toxins in the shampoos, lotions, and other self-care products in your medicine cabinet and on your vanity. Sometimes, it can be difficult to know where to turn. 

Imagine having a sexy self-care product that takes all these things into account and still delivers a quality experience — a “Personal Fav,” if you will.

Okay, it was a less-than-subtle reference. Introducing Personal Fav — a brand that is dedicated to bringing sustainable plant-based self-care for all your sensual needs. This brand is all about taking things that are minimally processed and found in nature and using them to enhance intimate moments. Let’s dive into the specific products that set Personal Fav apart.


Pique is Personal Fav’s “pleasure oil.” The generic labeling is intentional: It can be used both internally and externally for a wide range of needs. Who doesn’t love the idea of a natural massage oil that also functions as a lubricant?

Let’s discuss the major selling point: the ingredient list. CBD from hemp forms a large component of this formulation (and don’t worry — no psychoactive effects, just relaxation-promoting benefits). There’s also horny goat weed extract, which is often sold as an herbal supplement. Its active ingredient, icariin, is said to help some people with certain kinds of  erectile dysfunction issues (for more on this, head here). It’s important to note that horny goat weed has not been particularly well studied in humans, but there have been some promising effects in animals. 

All of this adds up to a delicious-smelling oil with a pleasantly calming effect. The oil massages into the skin nicely, so no wonder Personal Fav also recommends using it to help with period cramps or sore muscles. Oil-based lubes aren’t latex-friendly, so Pique doesn’t play well with many condoms. For all other activities, this can be your go-to. 


Not everyone is into oil-based lubricants, which is why Personal Fav has created alternative oils for people who might not want to reach for Pique oil. The ingredients in their Whet formulation are very similar — and contains hemp extracts and horny goat weed, but no cannabinoids (CBD). The “whet effect” is accomplished through generous quantities of aloe vera. The website description promises a lubricant that is smooth and silky, and never sticky.

This lube lives up to those promises — and it's free of ingredients like glycerin or parabens (which not all lubes can say!) The squirt bottle also makes the application process easy and targeted. The scentless formula is particularly good for people who are sensitive to fragrance or prone to yeast infections — the fewer additives, the better!

Whet Minis

Condoms are famously individually packaged and tucked into wallets in case the spontaneous need for one occurs. But you can’t exactly have a bottle of lubricant tucked into your purse at all times... Unless?

The Personal Fav Whet Minis deliver all the promises of their Whet lubricant in convenient, single-use packets (think condom-size packing, easily tucked away for discreet storage). These work just as the Whet bottle does, but are easier to slip into your bag or wallet before heading out for the night. 

In other words, spontaneous sex no longer needs to be minimalist — or even uncomfortable — sex. Products like Whet Minis can help you make sexual wellness products just as normal and necessary in your day-to-day life as your skincare routine. Keep a Personal Fav bottle in your bedside table, stash a few Minis in your overnight bag, and you’ll be ready for any kind of play.