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Valm, The ‘90s Icon Upgrading Classic Sex Toys

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Valm, The ‘90s Icon Upgrading Classic Sex Toys

 A lot of the brands covered by BtBz are next-generation, up-and-coming small businesses. It’s part of what makes this space exciting: So much is going on in the world of sexual self-care that there’s always something to talk about. But sometimes, the classics are classic for a reason. Which is why, today, we’re highlighting a company that is also a ‘90s baby: Valm.

Originally, Valm was a retail brand dedicated to selling other people’s products. The brand started as a storefront sex shop, then shifted its business model to completely online following the onset of the digital age. Then, in 2015, they took their expertise and ran with it. Long years spent in the industry meant they knew what worked and what to avoid — namely, anything cheap, unsafe, or unreliable. 

Valm isn’t here to reinvent the wheel when it comes to sex toys you can trust. At the same time, they aren’t about bells or whistles, either. They believe that the key to sexual wellness is simply using time-tested, high-quality products that you can feel good about. That’s why all their manufacturing is done start-to-finish in the U.S., which allows them to control manufacturing (and product quality) from start to finish.  

That was the important stuff — now let’s dive into it.

Valm Silicone Lube

A strikingly versatile lube, the Valm silicone lube promises an effortlessly slick experience. Silicone lubes tend to last longer and reduce friction when compared against water-based lubes, so this is a great candidate for any longer sessions you and your partner partake in (with or without a condom). It’s also water-repellent, in case shower sex is on the to-do list. 

True to their beliefs, Valm made sure their lube was approved by a particular FDA clearance, meaning it meets strict safety and quality standards. The lube is not only safe for sex, but the site suggests that it can also be used as an anti-chafing ointment, a lubricant for a sensual massage, a shaving gel, or even a conditioning serum for hair.

Not only is there a ton of product for a good price, but the application is non-sticky, causes no mess and lasts all night long. Silicone lubes aren’t compatible with silicone toys, so keep this one away from some of your go-to vibrators and devices. For all other activities, including glass dildos and good, old-fashioned body-to-body penetration, this is a home run. 

Valm 6” Dildo

The most quintessential sex toy might just be a dildo, and with good reason. The Valm 6” dildo has strikingly realistic features (cue double take) and is made up of two layers. The firm inner core provides sturdiness, while the more supple outer layer duplicates the feeling of skin for a more authentic experience. High-quality silicone makes this product both safe and hypoallergenic. The suction cup at the base can be utilized for hands-free play. The best part? It comes in two natural skin colors (for the more nostalgic among us), or just plain black for those who are less particular.

One thing to note: as far as dildos go, this isn’t the cheapest product (it comes in at around $80). The price reflects the quality of the product and the work that went into it, and here at BTBz, we know that investing in better toys upfront means you’ll likely spend less over time.

The Dildo can be stuck onto a shower tile, and can be quite sturdy no matter how hard you’re rocking against it. If you’re looking for some me-time in the tub, or a way to spice up your shower sex, this one might be for you. (The suction feature doesn't stick onto mirror walls, so keep that in mind as you plan your route). The product is smell-free (which we can’t say about every silicone toy) and has an uncanny feel to it due to its details. There’s been a shift in recent years where many sex toys look far subtler, but sometimes there’s no quite beating the (almost) real thing.