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The Pheromone-Boosting Perfume

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The Pheromone-Boosting Perfume

Yes, sex can be spontaneous and exciting. And, there is a distinct art to generating sensuality. It may seem contradictory, but some spicy bedroom moments require some … well, planning and intentionality. A sexy sugar scrub and oil over your freshly washed skin. A new waterproof mascara and a little liner. A cozy new set of sheets. These things may not have been designed as the staples of a healthy sex life, but when applied in moments where you feel like doing a little more, the placebo effect alone could positively enhance the vibe.

You can also try setting the mood with Eye of Love, a brand that is dedicated to creating pheromone-powered products. The San Diego-based company invokes a classic carefree, beachy feel, and their ultimate goal is “making you feel confident and sexy.” How do they achieve that? A line of pheromone-enhancing perfumes, sunscreens, massage candles, and body oils — all of which are made from vegan ingredients. 

As for how pheromones work, it’s all about your brain chemistry. When you smell someone’s musk, that scent hits near the nasal receptors at the entrance of your nose, and travels to the hypothalamus. That can cause an increase or decrease in arousal or sexual desire. While the verdict is out on pheromones, some people say these chemicals particularly affect women because higher levels of estrogen make a person’s sense of smell a bit more intense.

What sets Eye of Love apart is that their scents aren’t meant to mask your natural musk. Rather, they have been specially formulated to complement and enhance your pheromones, which improve overall attraction. Their inclusive lines — Attract Him, Attract Her, and Attract Them — are specially formulated with a specific type of significant other in mind.

Today, BtBz is reviewing one perfume from Eye of Love’s Attract Him line, but don’t let that be a discouragement from trying the others. Don’t know where to start? Navigate to the brand’s Fragrance Quiz to gain insight on the best fit for you.

Matchmaker Red Diamond Pheromone Perfume

The description of this perfume opens with a confident challenge: “Looking to find your next match? Meet your new matchmaker.”

With an average of 4.9 stars and over 450 reviews, it seems this confidence is warranted. The Matchmaker Red Diamond was created in collaboration with professional matchmaker Patti Stanger and invokes notes of jasmine, grapefruit, amber, and citrus. Underlying notes include a deeply sensual musk for a fuller-bodied scent. 

This perfume was formulated to be unique, striking, and sexy — and those points are emphasized by the blood-red diamond-shaped glass bottle. It comes in both 10 milliliter and 30 milliliter sizes for those with varying levels of commitment. 

While this product seems perfect for a date night or a romantic evening, the brighter notes also make it suitable for more casual daywear. Sure, it’s overtly and unapologetically sexy — reminiscent of something  a Moulin Rouge dancer might wear — but  you also don't have to worry about overpowering your suitor. A little dose of this perfume can waft into the background of the room while a few spritz all over your body will prove to be unmissable. In short, you choose your own adventure.