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Head South, The Lube Maker Prioritizing Variety and Pleasure

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Head South, The Lube Maker Prioritizing Variety and Pleasure

Lubricants are a must-have for a comfortable and pleasurable sex life. They are an easy, reliable, and fun way to help increase pleasure, make foreplay and penetration last longer, and reduce pain if you choose the right lube. But with so many lubes on the market, it can be confusing to know where to start. 

Today, BTBz is highlighting a brand whose ethos aligns closely with our own: Head South, which is dedicated to empowerment, education, and quality sex products. The brand was founded by hair-care veteran Cat Meyer, who spent her decade in the industry focused on relationships with her clients and the self-care products she used while working on their hair. During that time, she recognized that while there are plenty of opportunities to center yourself when it comes to hair, stigma and inadequate sexual education had left sexual self-care in the dust. Cat quit her job to start Head South in 2021 — and the rest is history.

Head South has three main products, all of which are lubes: The Slip Serum Starter, the Oasis Oil Starter, and the Slide Serum Starter. Cat’s extensive research has resulted in products with non-scary ingredient lists, all of which are generally safer for people with sensitivities to use. Why does this matter? If you are prone to complications such as urinary tract infections, bacterial vaginosis (BV), or any other allergy, a simple but effective ingredient list can help you discern if a product is right for you. Plus, Head South prioritizes product refills, which causes less packaging waste overall. 

Ready to learn more? Let’s dive in.

The Slip Serum Starter Kit

The Slip Serum is a water-based, pH-balanced, toy- and latex-friendly lube. That’s a lot of descriptors right off the bat, and here’s a few more: The formulation is free from color, fragrance, flavor, gluten, parabens, and glycerins (which makes it safe for plenty of people with sensitivities to use it). Water-based lubes like this one are great for mimicking the “wetness” that can occur naturally during arousal. The kit itself comes with a bottle for reusable use, then an additional bottle for refills — so that makes this kit a more eco-conscious option, too. 

Another thing that immediately stands out about this product is the price: At $22, the Slip Serum is at a relatively accessible price point. (The starter kit features a 2 oz bottle though, which might be just enough depending on the frequency of your sexual encounters, or how much lube you use each session.) Another thing to note is that all Head South refills are cheaper than the initial starter kit, meaning you do save money over time.

This product provides an easy application, looks smooth and glossy on your skin, and can be used with any and all toys. Water-based lubes generally don’t last as long as ones with oil or silicone bases — that holds true with this one as well. But when it comes to a minimal ingredient list and maximum pleasure, Head Souths goes straight to the top of our list! 

The Slide Serum Starter Kit

For those who prefer a longer-lasting, slipperier lube as opposed to a water-based option, Head South still has you covered. Their Slide Serum is a silicone-based, water-resistant, latex-friendly formulation that promises to never get sticky or tacky. At $24 a pop, this is still a bargain — and like all Head South starter kits, it comes with both a reusable bottle and a refill. 

The application of this product is thick upon the first pump, but once you start to rub it in you’ll probably be wishing it was a body lotion even more than a lube — that's how good it feels on the skin. The formulation feels almost fluffy, which makes application comfortable and soothing. Plus, it’s free from glycerin and parabens, which can help you rest easy if you’re sensitive to those kinds of ingredients. 

As always, remember not to use a silicone-based lube with silicone toys. It can degrade the toy!

The Oasis Massage Oil Starter Kit

Finally, for those who are less into silicone lubes — and perhaps more into massages —  the Oasis Massage Oil Starter Kit might present a plenty tempting option. 

This oil-based formulation is designed to make both your skin and your sex life flourish: It contains anti-inflammatory ingredients that are great for rejuvenation and conditioning while being safe to use around intimate areas. The list of ingredients feels familiar and pronounceable (e.g. safflower seed, vitamin E, and olive fruit oil). 

If Team BTBz had to pick a top product from Head South, this would be it — it was  the most-used product for us of the bunch. The fact that this was easy to apply, lasted a long time, and didn’t leave any stickiness or residue means it’s a reliable oil-based lube to keep on hand. Reach for it when you want to soothe your own aching muscles after a workout or stressful day, and of course keep it around for partner play. (Just avoid latex condoms or rubber!) 

One thing to note about this kit in particular is that you should refill the bottle all the way, rather than topping off what’s in your reusable bottle. In other words, don’t open the refill prematurely to top off your stash, or there will be risk of contamination.