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Gift Guide, Kink Friendly

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Gift Guide, Kink Friendly

Kinks and fetishes play in the world of taboo — but ironically, they’re becoming more and more mainstream. 

Ultimately, this can be a good thing — as more people understand kinks, the stigma around them goes down, and understanding and curiosity grows in its place. It also means brands are catering to a wider appetite for sexual stimulation, making it easier for you to stock up on toys and accessories that titilate the senses and feel more than a little illicit. (Consent is always, always key though!)

Trying new toys and broadening your horizons? You might want to do so on a budget. For that, there’s Unbound, a woman-owned brand that provides a range of toys and accessories at accessible price points. People who are more seasoned when it comes to exploring their kinks can broaden their horizons with other brands, as well as a wider array of accessories.

Before exploring any kinks, be sure to talk to your partner about your boundaries and concerns — if you feel comfortable doing so, establishing a safe word prior to your sex session can be useful. Honor your feelings, and explore! 

Unbound Orion Over-the-Door Hand Restraints:

These cuffs can be used the old-fashioned way, or be strung up around a door for new angles and experiences.

Buy Now: $39.00

Unbound Shimmy Vibrating Butt Plug:

Add a new sensation to anal play with this back-door vibrator. People of all genders can use plugs, but people with prostates can feel a heightened sensation.

Buy Now: $61.00

Unbound Stellar Dildo:

Add temperature play into the mix with a glass dildo you can warm and chill at turns. The  ridges are perfect for reaching new angles. Just remember to use lube!

Buy Now: $38.00

Sunday Riley Come Upstairs Massage Candle:

Massage candles are multipurpose wonders. This one smells great and melts down into comforting massage oil. Just be sure to blow the candle out before dripping its wax on your partner.

Buy Now: $65.00

Kiki De Montparnasse Restraint Tape:

Looking to try bondage without the investment? This restraint tape is nonstick but still gets the job done. It’s also skin-safe, unlike duct tape (ouch!)

Buy Now: $40

Unbound Bangle Handcuff Bracelets:

Part restraint, part fashion statement. Wear these bangles on one arm while in public, and tie yourself down in private.

Buy Now: $49.00

Dame Pillo:

For people who are less kink-forward but still want to be comfortable, there’s the pillo. It’s an ergonomic wedge pillow meant to deepen penetration and make sex more comfortable from multiple angles.

Buy Now: $95.00