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Le Wand Is Turning Vibrators All the Way Up

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Le Wand Is Turning Vibrators All the Way Up

We’ll be honest: It’s all too easy for sex toys to get a bad rap. The industry has been geared towards the male gaze for years; and for every quality product, there’s several more that feel less than trustworthy. In other words, buying a sex toy can feel like a risky, clandestine operation, especially for people who have typically been excluded from the self-pleasure conversation altogether. Well, no more, thanks to the rise of brands like Le Wand, a pioneer of the premium, high-end sex toy.

Le Wand started with a single original vibrator – Le Wand Massager, now their classic – and has since expanded into a line of several original vibrators and sex toys for all parties to enjoy. And Alicia Sinclair, the brand’s founder, boasts over sixteen years of working in the sexual health industry. Not only is she dedicated to creating products that make people orgasm (again and again), but she has spent her career advocating for sex positivity and sexual education. A certified “sexpert,” she has even worked with the United States Department of Justice to help facilitate conversations between the FBI and the adult industry as part of the Child Protection and Obscenity Enforcement Act. 

In other words, Sinclair is not only looking to reform the pleasure industry, but also to make it a better space for everyone. This is reflected in the extensive sexual education resources and use guides on Le Wand’s website.

At Beyond the Beez, we appreciate this sort of big-picture thinking: That’s why we cover everything from butt plugs to relationship attachment types to gaps in the American sex education curriculum. A founder like Sinclair exemplifies our mission. So, of course, we had to review some of Le Wand’s products. Introducing the Mini Pleasure set, Le Wand Point, the Natural Intimate water-based lube, Vanilla flavored lube, the Le Wand massager, and Mini Vibes 2. 

Le Wand Mini Pleasures Set

“Tiny yet tantalizing,” the Mini Pleasures set features compact versions of some of Le Wand’s most popular sex toys. That includes a petite version of their rechargeable vibrating wand, which has a metal handle and a softer, more pliable rounded tip for gentle stimulation, wherever you want it. The other toy is the stainless steel dual-ended hoop, “curved for coital contentment” and engineered for temperature play. This would be perfect for the indecisive, or even as a naughty stocking stuffer for someone special.

At first glance, the toys in Mini Pleasures might look intense — they’re made of body-safe steel, after all! But the addition of lube and foreplay make these sleek toys a great option to work into your routine. The mini vibration wand is also a great starter option if you are considering the full-sized toy. Think of this as a test-drive, especially if you haven’t used a wand-style vibrator before. And you know what they say about how size doesn’t matter — this compact option still provides a powerful orgasm.

Le Wand Point

Le Wand Point looks like a beauty blender or a computer mouse that got the world’s biggest upgrade. Palm-sized, quiet, and visually discreet, it comes in colors like perky rose gold and sultry dark cherry. The top is tried-and-true silicone with wavy ridges; the bottom is a cool and classy stainless steel, perfect for variation and completely waterproof. And the best part, according to the website? It can be used completely sans hands, allowing you to engage your digits elsewhere, if you know what we mean.

This is a great option if you’re looking for a go-to vibrator given its array of features. It has all the hallmarks of a well-made toy: It’s rechargeable rather than battery-operated, has a variety of settings for speed and pulsing, and your housemates won’t hear the motor as it does its thing. Win-win-win!

Le Wand Natural Intimate Water-Based Lubricant

BTBz spends a lot of time discussing the criteria for a good lube: It should mimic natural wetness, reduce friction as much as possible, and contain no harmful ingredients like glycerin or parabens. Le Wand Natural Intimate Lubricant is a good candidate if you’re in the business for a water-based lubricant. 

What stands out most is how this lubricant was specially designed to mimic the acidity of a healthy vaginal canal: the serum maintains a pH between 5.3 and 5.7. Note that this may mean it’s less ideal for anal sex, as water-based lubes in general tend to be not as successful in that realm.

Hypoallergenic and compatible with sex toys, this lube is a promising and versatile option which is unlikely to cause irritation. It is free of the biggest no-nos, including DEA, glycerine, parabens, and PEG. The lube is a little spendy, at $15 for four fluid oz. Water lubes are typically used in higher doses than their silicone- or oil-based counterparts, so this might add up depending on the amount of lube you use and how regularly you use it. Keep it on hand for a special option if you’re budget-conscious.

Le Wand Cherry Vanilla Flavored Lubricant

Indulgent and water-based, this cherry vanilla lube is advertised as non-staining and easy to clean. Why shouldn’t oral sex taste like dessert?

Like the classic Natural Intimate Lube, this one is also safe for use with condoms and sex toys, and is free from harmful chemical ingredients (although please note that Le Wand does recommend applying to a small area to test for any irritation/allergic reactions prior to use). For the animal-conscious, the formula is completely vegan and gluten-free. It’s a similar price point to the Natural Intimate Lube, at $15 for four fluid oz.

The flavor itself is subtle, which can be welcome depending on how much lube you’re using. The packaging is also sturdy and secure, which is important — that means  the lube won't drip or cause a mess when you’ve stored it away. As for the texture, it’s not sticky at all — you’ll still want to wash off any residue after your sex session, but the feeling won’t distract you as you play.


Le Wand Rechargeable Vibrating Massager

This is the vibrator that gave Le Wand its reputation. It’s shaped differently than other, more discreet vibrators – almost microphone-esque, with a stainless-steel shaft, short, flexible neck, and a plush silicone head (where the magic happens). The massager has 10 vibration speeds and 20 different patterns, making it great for both dynamic and lazy sex alike. It also comes with a convenient travel case (because yes, you can and should bring your vibrator on vacation). 

Make no mistake: The size of this toy means it’s not discreet. But if you are in the market for a large and powerful toy, this is a great option that provides a lot of sensation and doubles as a body massager. It's great for targeting larger areas, and its grip helps you maintain control of the stimulation you’re providing either to your partner or yourself. 

Le Wand Double Vibe

Round on one side with two bunny ears on the other, this rechargeable massager is good for immersive stimulation. Each “ear” has its own vibrating motor, with 15 modes and six intensity levels. According to the website, you just pinch a sensitive spot in between the ears, push the single button, and enjoy – it’s that easy. And it comes with an additional silicone sleeve for when you want to change things up a bit.

The Double Vibe is a fun shape that allows for a unique stimulation and a variety of options. For example, it’s a great way to target the outer edges of the clitoris, rather than applying straight on. This can help guild arousal levels, making it great for edging or some good-natured teasing. As with all Le Wand vibrators, this one features different speeds and tempos, so there are a plethora of options that your body may respond to differently.