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Frenchie, The Down-Under brand with a very 'oh la la' approach to intimacy

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Frenchie, The Down-Under brand with a very 'oh la la' approach to intimacy

When a brand’s social media makes you stop in your tracks, you know it’s worth checking out IRL. Such is the case when Team BTBz met Frenchie, a sex toy brand with a point of view. But functional videos, to interesting blog posts and a wide range of intimate products only tell one part of the story. How do the  sleeping mask, condoms, and couples’ vibrators hold up? We wanted to know firsthand. 

Visit Frenchie’s website and you’ll be struck by their playful approach to sex as well as the  inclusive language in their product descriptions. No assumptions or judgements here — the brand is dedicated to “boasting the quintessentially French je ne sais quoi.” Frenchie even humorously and winkingly promotes its European namesake’s cultural approach to sex: That is, viewing it as a casual, natural, and liberating part of everyday life. “Très bien,” reads one part of the website. “Always looking for new ways to get you screaming “Oh la la!” boasts another. 

That’s not to say that it’s all fun and games: Frenchie’s site also features a journal dedicated to practical advice regarding sex and relationships. The articles include sex tips as well as practical health and safety advice about urinary tract infections and how to prevent sexually-transmitted infections (STIs). Check it out here if you want to supplement your Beyond the Beez content!

But enough about that. We’re here to talk about five of their most popular (and aptly-named) products: the Double Entendre, Beret Condoms, Le Coq, Oh La La Love Lube, and Le Masque. And before you have to ask: Yes, Frenchie has shipping options in the US, even though they represent the land Down Under (in more ways than one).

The Double Entendre

The Double Entendre is a couple’s vibrator with two motors and a lot of flexibility. Soft, bendable, and made of medical-grade silicone, it can be used for so many positions and angles (think internal and external stimulation… at the same time). The website promises easy use, with only one button needed to operate, and over two hours of battery life for those long, lazy sessions.

Bendable sex toys are everywhere, and each brand offers something fun and unique. What makes Frenchie stand out? The Double Entrendre is extra flexible, making it a great toy for reaching new angles. The strong motor features a number of different options for speed, tempo and pulsation — meaning it’s very easy to never have the same sex experience twice. 

The Beret Condoms

Making sex safer should never feel like a burden, and Frenchie agrees. Their Beret Condoms are entirely designed with ease of use in mind. And as for the feel? The product description promises that “at 0.05mm, the ultra-thin design of Frenchie Beret Condoms lets you get up close and personal, while keeping everyone involved protected. Simple? Safe? Oui Oui!”

Each condom is packaged in an easy-to-open “buttercup” capsule, which means they open the right way up every time. The condoms are electronically tripled tested for safety, and are also 100% vegan (no casein) and free of any synthetic ingredients. But it’s the packaging that really sets the Beret condoms apart.  Each condom is very quick and easy to open up — no teeth needed and way less worry that you might rip the latex in the process.

Le Coq

Cock rings are an unsung hero when it comes to sex toys. Never used one? If you or your partner has a penis, you should rethink it. They keep blood pressure in the penis, allowing for longer erections and deeper orgasms. 

Le Coq is a cock ring set that reflects the brand's commitment to inclusivity. Like Frenchie’s other sex toys, this one is made with 100% medical grade silicone, which means it's soft, non-irritating, and hypoallergenic. Each pack comes with three different diameter sizes: 52mm, 48mm and 44mm, all of which are stretchable for a more ideal fit. The rings are also thicker and tighter than other brands, meaning the rings won’t slip or move around as you or your partner use them. You can decide which size you want to use each night (or, for something different, you could try several at once!). 

Oh La La Love Lube

Does your lube comes in a squirt bottle? It should.

The Oh La La Love Lube is a water-based aloe lube which comes in a 100ml container. Like Frenchie’s other products, it’s vegan — but it’s also latex-friendly, so you can use it safely with  condoms or other sex toys. 

Alongside a five-star rating, one customer wrote, “This is the best lube we’ve tried… Others caused a burning internally for me and with this one being both antifungal and anti inflammatory, it’s perfect. I won’t buy any others after trying this …” So of course, Team BTBz had to test it too!

The Oh La La Love Lube does feature a scent, which translates to a little bit of a sweetness to it. This might be a change of pace from your typical lubes, which are probably scentless. Given this is a water-based lube, it’s not as thick as a silicone formulation, but it will certainly help with lubrication no matter your or your partner’s natural wetness level. 

Le Masque

Get a sleep mask that can transition flawlessly from sexy time to bedtime. “Le Masque” blocks out light to heighten other sensations, but also to enhance sleep. This accessory is made of 100% silk, comfortably padded, and free of any harmful dyes. It comes with a carry pouch and gift box for hygienic storage.  

The mask is nice and snug, which means it doesn’t move around during sex, or even if you toss and turn while you sleep. Don’t worry, though — it’s not a too-tight strap. Nothing can be more disruptive than a tight elastic headband or mask around your head and you can rest assured this one fits just right.