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LELO, The Sultry Brand Offering Premium Products

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LELO, The Sultry Brand Offering Premium Products

Just the words “sex shop” bring to mind seedy storefronts or discreet, basement-level enclaves. These images are outdated: with increasing sexual empowerment has come a diverse range of brands who are looking to bring a new and fresh face to sex products. Great, right? Let’s talk luxury.

LELO declares itself a brand unlike any other, and that might just be true. Their well-curated, sultry website fearless invokes themes of polygamy, group sex, and queer love. They cater fearlessly to the next generation of lovers with a “like us or not - we could care less” mentality. And their target audience? People who value high-quality products and like having a wide range of options. Yes, please.

BtBz reviewers have tested a wide range of LELO products, everything from a male masturbator to a sonic massager. Time to discuss.

F1S V3 Pleasure Console

As high-tec as it sounds, the F1S V3 Pleasure Consol is a next-gen sex toy that has no interest in reinventing the wheel. As much as other male masturbators attempt to mimic the feeling of vaginal, anal, or oral sex, this toy promises a sensation entirely different by emitting sonic waves from all sides. Two motors respond to eight different vibration settings. And its not just the physical make that makes the Pleasure Consol unique - the masturbator comes with a custom app and an Interactive Mode setting, during which AI incorporates user motion feedback to improve its vibrational responses. All and all, it was a 10/10.


SONA Clitoral Stimulator

There’s a wide variety of clitoral stimulators on the sex toy market. Of course - it’s because they work. But the LELO SONA works harder, using sonic waves and pulses to stimulate more than 75% of the clitoris without even directly touching it. Small and compact with a silicone body, the SONA sports a simple make and minimal buttons for easy use. Eight different vibrational settings give the user the ability to achieve everything from gentle teasing to overwhelming stimulation (go ahead, the poison’s there for the picking). 

LELO Dot Travel

It’s not vacation if there’s no sexy time. Introducing the LELO Dot Travel, a conveniently-sied clitoral pinpoint vibrator that can be quite literally kept in a purse. The Dot Travel uses LELO’s Infinite Loop Technology, an elliptical vibrational oscillation that LELO boasts is both powerful and highly rhythmic. Just adjust pressure and angle to experience a wide range of new sensations, at whatever time or place is convenient. This one has great pinpoint stimulation that, in our opinion, brings you to the Big O at a fast speed. So if you're in a pinch for time, this just might be your best friend. 

IDA Wave Dual Simulation Massager

Need more than just clitoral stimulation? Let’s discuss the IDA wave dual simulation massager. Two motors - one in the external protruding arm for clitoral stimulation, and another in the insertable arm for intravaginal sensations - contribute to a maximally pleasurable and stimulating experience. The curves and ridges in the insertable arm are molded specifically to target the regions with the most nerve endings within the vagina. And - necessarily - this toy is 100% waterproof, which means it’s not only arousal-safe but bath and shower safe, too. The options are endless. 

Enigma Dual Action Sonic Massager

An alternative to the IDA Wave is the Engima Dual Action Sonic Massager, which boasts not one, not two, but three synchronized stimulation features. The Enigma includes a clitoral sonic wave emitter as well as an insertable tail that not only vibrates, but moves pleasurably in a come-hither-like massaging motion. Use one of the features at a time, a select few, or all at once for a sensational session. Need help with warmup? For prep, LELO recommends their personal moisturizer, which is safe to use with this silicone-based toy. We definitely agree with this recommendation. It makes for a smooth and seamless insertion.