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A New Launch of Toys: Publicizing Pleasure with Biird

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A New Launch of Toys: Publicizing Pleasure with Biird

Today, BTBz is circling back to a familiar face. Remember Biird, the brand focused on making female masturbation fun, playful, and above all… visible? Well, their founders have been busy recently and were excited to show two new products. Last time BTBz covered the Namii clitoral stimulator & vibrator as well as the Evii external vibrator. Time to introduce the latest in the Biird arsenal: the Gii “G-spot” vibrator and the Kalii glass “G-spot” dildo. Let’s get into it.

The Gii “G-Spot” Vibrator

Before the review, something to be cautious of: as discussed in the BTBz blog, some experts started realizing the” g-spot” might not be a spot at all. One study found that of a group of participants 37% couldn't find it, 17% found it but didn’t experience pleasure and 46% found it and experienced orgasmic pleasure..So if you are in the, on average, 46 percentile, congratulations - you have more nerve endings here. In short, not everyone has this cluster of nerve endings in this region, so it can’t be considered a universal part of the female anatomy.

That being said, there’s no doubt that certain positions or angles can best stimulate erogenous zones - and the Gii is built to do just that. Created with body-safe silicone and curved slightly to give that “come-hither fingers feeling” (if you know, you know), Gii boasts nine different vibration settings and is fully waterproof. Which means that it can withstand a sloppy session or a shower playtime. Of course, it is rechargeable and comes in the playful pastels that are the Biird signature. When using, this toy allows for a firm grip on the handle, and is easy to insert (with the use of lube!). The additional curve at the tip of the toy adds for that extra stimulation the toy promises to have. All and all, this toy is a great addition to any collection, thanks to its rechargeable feature and ability to reach a new angle.

The Kalii Glass “G-Spot” Dildo

When it come to the Kalii, the same rules apply as above in regards to the G-spot, But that doesn’t mean a sleek glass dildo with a slightly curved build and subtle ridging can’t get the party going. Kalii is made of Borosilicate glass, which is highly resistant to changes in temperature (when the heat starts rising) and much more durable than typical glass. Still, the coolness of the glass upon insertion offers a much different sensation compared to silky silicone, which is typically more similar to the softness of skin. Ready to experience something different, a little edgy? Try briefly chilling Kalii prior to play - and then take it from there.

The initial takeaway from this toy is how gorgeous the packaging is. The attention to detail sets the tone for what's to come. The product itself mirrors the same level of quality and thoughtfulness. The dildo is durable, sleek, and has a beautiful sheen to it. It's clear that every aspect, from design to functionality, has been carefully considered to ensure not only a great first impression but a lasting satisfaction. This option is as good as it comes when you’re dipping a toe into the world of glass dildos.

All and all, can you tell how much we love Biird and all the options they have to offer?!