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Get to Know The Oh Collective, From the Founders Themselves

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Get to Know The Oh Collective, From the Founders Themselves

With plenty of sex toy companies on the market promising personalized orgasms and better sex lives all around, where do you even begin? It’s likely you even have more than one toy in your nightstand drawer, and your mood might dictate which one you reach for. Add a partner into the mix? Things can get overwhelming fast — and not always in a good way.

Thankfully, brands like The Oh Collective are here to help. The team at Beyond the Beez was introduced to the female-founded brand through not one toy, but four: Its signature Dream Team Set. Versatile, inclusive, and affordable? We had to learn more. The Oh Collective was made by women, for women — and in the sex-toy space, that’s rarer than you would think! From the unique designs of each component in the Dream Team Set, to the power contained in each handheld vibrator, the brand certainly thinks through every detail. (And did we mention candles? And vegan lubes? And period underwear? Yep, The Oh Collective has it all.) 

Beyond the Beez chatted with co-founder Winxi Kan about how the brand got started, and why confidence is the not-so-secret ingredient at the center of a fulfilling sex life. 

 Tell us about The Oh Collective — how did the brand get started, and what sets these products apart from other sex toys on the market.

The Oh Collective was launched in 2021 by four (ex)-Nike colleagues and friends: Eden Chiang, Diana Lin, Simona Xu, and Winxi Kan. We grew up in Asian households and never received any sex education. We discovered we were not the only ones who shared this experience and decided to set up The Oh Collective: an intimate wellness brand that aims to break the taboos about sexual wellness. Sex with yourself or someone else is one big adventure that nobody should ever be ashamed of.

All our products are made from safe and certified materials and selected, tested, and approved by a trusted community of intimate wellness advocates with a focus on discovering (or rediscovering!) pleasure and desires in a modern and playful way. For example, our Couples set, "The Dream Team," was created [for people] to get to know each other better inside and outside the bedroom and consists of four toys that can be controlled by remote control with a fun spinner wheel to help you choose which toy to try first.

How do you want people to see or experience your brand? Is there a word or feeling that comes to mind?

With The Oh Collective, we want to give people the feeling of inclusivity, empowerment and confidence. And we hope that when people use our products, playfulness and Empowerment come to mind. We want to remind everyone in a playful way that sexual well-being is one of the essential pillars of wellness. 

What do you think is the future of the industry?

There’s an increasing societal acceptance of sexuality and increased focus on inclusivity and diversity. We foresee many companies offering toys that cater to a wider range of bodies and sexual preferences, which may help to make the industry more accessible and welcoming to a diverse customer base.

However, we hope the industry will develop beyond toys and apps. Women’s health has been under-researched and less included in clinical trials, and women have been struggling with getting the right diagnosis for their physical problems. There is a huge potential to bridge the gap in female sexual function in health and medicine.

What do you wish more people understood about pleasure?

Pleasure is such an important part of human wellbeing. But pleasure can be experienced in many different ways, and what brings one person pleasure may not be the same for someone else. It is not a one-size-fits-all experience. People’s preferences and experiences can vary widely and there is no one “right” way to experience pleasure.

Some people may feel guilty or ashamed about seeking out pleasurable experiences, especially if they had been taught that pleasure-seeking is sinful or selfish. However, pleasure can be a healthy and important part of life as long as it is pursued in a responsible and consensual way. It’s important to respect each person's individual preferences and boundaries when it comes to pleasure.

How would you change the way people in our society talk about sex and pleasure?

We want to emphasize the importance of open, honest, and respectful communication when it comes to sex and pleasure. This means creating safe spaces where individuals can express their desires, needs, and boundaries without fear, judgment, or shame. It means being willing to listen and respect the perspectives and boundaries of others.

Another important aspect of changing the way people in society talk about sex and pleasure is promoting comprehensive sex education that goes beyond the basic mechanics of sex. This should include discussions of pleasure, consent, and healthy relationships. Education should be available to people of all ages, genders, and sexual orientations.

It's important to challenge the cultural taboos and stigmas that often surround discussions of sex and pleasure. This can involve promoting sex-positive attitudes and language, challenging harmful stereotypes and myths, and creating more inclusive spaces and communities where diverse perspectives and experiences are valued and respected.

What about The Oh Collective makes you the most excited when you wake up and start working every day?

In the past years, we have gained an amazing community where people can feel a sense of belonging and connection with us and each other. They also provide us with invaluable product insights and feedback that make our products and services better.

Editor’s note: This interview has been lightly edited for clarity and length.