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The 24-Year-Old Who Treats Lingerie as Self-Care

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The 24-Year-Old Who Treats Lingerie as Self-Care

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Age: 24, Sex: Female, LocationLos Angeles 

 What’s your current relationship status? How do you feel about it?

Married and very happy! I feel comfort, security, and an unbreakable bond with my partner — but I would be nowhere near where I am without the love I had for myself first.

When do you feel most in tune with your body?

    I feel most in tune with my body — confident and happy — when my hormones are aligned and I’m at peace and in unity with the way I feel about how I look, not simply the way I look. 

    How do you practice self-care? 

    I throw on some lingerie to feel sexy for myself, do my skincare routine, and possibly have a bath. Wearing lingerie for yourself should be as routine as skincare — self-care is also mental.

    What does confidence mean to you? 

    Feeling at peace with yourself — not picking yourself apart or passing judgment on yourself, just acceptance. I think confidence is as transparent as glass — people should feel it undeniably emanating and radiating off you.

    When did you first start dating?

    A true date? At 18 years old.

    Where do you get the most honest dating advice?

    My sister and close friends have given me good advice, but honestly? My best advice has come from me, after I’ve observed my peers’ experiences. I really think the best observations can translate to the best values, ideals, and morals (and slowly translate into advice you give yourself).

    Do you have a go-to date outfit?

    Something lacy, and always paired with heels. No matter what, I like a feminine article of clothing.

    When do you feel your sexiest?

    I feel sexiest when I am confident in whatever state or mood I’m in that moment, or the outfit I’m currently wearing. It’s not something someone else could make me feel.

    What is your best breakup advice?

    It happened for a reason! The universe says, ‘Onto bigger and better for you,’ and you should trust that. You may not see the reason for a few weeks, months, or years, but it’ll show eventually.

    What is your favorite pop culture relationship?

    Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively