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These Self-Care Founders Made Sheet Masks For Your Vulva

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These Self-Care Founders Made Sheet Masks For Your Vulva

Raise your hand if your Sunday self-care session involves a face mask or two. But there are more body parts that need tender loving care — think of the masks that are designed for your neck and décolletage. Masks for your vulva fall in that category, too. 

Heath and wellness is a huge part of sex education — and the women behind Nakey agree. Founders Shawna Faye and Hannah Rose designed sheet masks specifically for the skin around your vulva to help fight off in-grown hairs and redness, dry skin, and pain or irritation. The masks steer clear of any synthetic preservatives, parabens, sulfates, dyes, and fragrances — which make them generally safe for your sensitive skin. Aloe, chamomile, and coconut and olive oil take things up a notch, and application couldn’t be more simple — stretch one one, lean back, and relax for 15 to 20 minutes.

Beyond the Beez talked to Shawna and Hannah about their unique muff masks  and their take on the sexual wellness industry. 

Tell us about Nakey — how did the brand get started, and what sets these products apart from other brands on the market?

Shawna: We have always been interested in sex. Nakey is just a natural extension of that interest. It all started in Cuba. We were hot and jokingly said we needed a cooling pad for down there. So we invented Muff Masque and started our company. We want to work with our community to create products that our customers have fun with and make them feel good. 

Do you have a favorite Nakey product that you use? What makes it your favorite?

Hannah: I love the Rehabber. It’s a stripped-down version of The Soother, used for postpartum or post-play. I just had my second kid, and not many people talk about the aftercare of having a child vaginally. It’s a lot of diapers (for both mom and baby), sitz baths, peeing when you sneeze, all the fun stuff. The Rehabber gives you a little sense of your decency back. Moms, think of it like a cleaner, giant Tucks pad for your vulva. 

Shawna: I love our calming mask after I shave, but my current favorite product is the G.E.M.(genital examination mirror) since I'm pregnant and can no longer see my vagina. The other day I looked and had a little goatee growing between my legs.

What’s your team’s philosophy when it comes to designing products? 

Shawna: Our tagline is “have fun naked.” We make innovative products and content about sex and self that aim to achieve just that. Our customers are people like us who are interested in expanding this lens, and want new products and conversations that reflect their needs and interests, not just the traditional products we've all been thoughtlessly using for years. The world is changing fast, and we want to create products for this new world as our understanding of sex, sexuality, and self evolve.

How do you want people to see or experience your brand? Is there a word or feeling that comes to mind?

Hannah: Two words: Sexual freedom.

What are you most excited for in 2023 when it comes to Nakey’s offerings or community?

Hannah: Getting the world Nakey! We are proud of what we’ve built, what we’re doing. There is so much that we still want to accomplish and we need our community to help us. 

What do you wish more people understood about pleasure, both as a business model and in their everyday lives?

Shawna: That it should be talked about every day. The very idea that seeing the word “pleasure” makes people feel like they have to decide how it exists in our lives is a funny thing. Pleasure exists in many forms. Food is pleasure, music is pleasure, self-care is pleasure, sex is pleasure. These should all be discussed and thought of in the same way. Openly. And we should all take time out of every day to experience it and understand what pleases us that day. 

How would you change the way people in our society talk about sex and pleasure?

Hannah: The changes are happening in a lot of ways. There are societal and governmental changes that are making people listen and stand up. 

Nakey is a female-owned body product and sexual wellness company challenging the conventional standards of beauty and sex. We want people to think about “sex” as more than just the act. It’s about liberation and openness to discuss and express all parts of sex and sexuality without any shame. And we want our community to feel this and practice this. 

What about Nakey makes you the most excited when you wake up and start working every day?

Shawna: Knowing there are people out there like us who need these products and want to change the way this topic is discussed. The whole thing has a natural momentum now that keeps us going. It's super energizing when we hear from customers who say they love the company and it helps us to keep going and keep innovating new stuff.

Editor’s note: This interview has been lightly edited for length and clarity.