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Meet Lovability’s Discreet, Game-Changing Accessories

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Meet Lovability’s Discreet, Game-Changing Accessories

Sexual gratification gets a bad rap — when in reality, it can, and should, be a radical act of self-love. Think about it: Whether you’re exploring your own body or engaging in a partnered experience, it helps to believe that you are deserving of that pleasure.

Lovability is a brand that gets it. They understand that there are a plethora of negative forces that can hurt the relationship a person has with their sexuality — including stigma, stress, anxiety, self-doubt, and insecurities. That’s why they are actively promoting an approach that emphasizes not only sexual health, but confidence and self-love. 

We’ll let their mission statement speak for itself: “We’re on a mission to engage, inspire and empower a community of women, girls, and femmes (aka Lova Babes) to be sexually confident,” the brand says on its website. The female-founded brand takes it one step further, too, stressing that a healthy sex life helps people  “live unapologetically happy, healthy, authentic lives.” We couldn’t agree more.

Not only that, but Lovability boasts some pretty unique “self-love” devices that think outside the box when it comes to pleasure (bathtub masturbation device, anyone?). Without further ado: The BTBz Team’s review of the Lovability WaterSlyde Aquatic Stimulator, ThreePlay Massage Candle, and Bomb Balm Arousal Bomb.

WaterSlyde Aquatic Stimulator

Picture a mini slide that can be fitted to your bathtub faucet. Now imagine if your weekly self-care bath included an orgasm.

The WaterSlyde Aquatic Stimulator is a patented device that turns bathtub water flow into clitoral stimulation. It’s made from 100% recycled plastic, is disability-friendly (no hands required — we don’t see this very often!), and OB/GYN approved. Reviews on the brand’s website note that it provides a slower, gentler, more sensational build toward orgasm than most vibrators. 

This toy is all about slow stimulation: Attach it to your bathtub faucet, position yourself behind it, and let the arousal grow. If you are used to a quick and fast orgasm, this could take a few tries to get used to as you are re-training your body to experience a slower orgasm — though much like edging, the peak will be distinct from the kind of orgasm you might get from a fast-paced sex toy. All in all, this toy provides a very sensual experience because it requires you to sit in a highly relaxing environment. It's a totally different method to get turned on and one you shouldn’t miss out on!

ThreePlay Massage Candle

Need an excuse to incorporate a massage into foreplay? Look no further than the ThreePlay Massage Candle. It’s a hemp-based candle which becomes a liquid massage oil at just a few degrees above body temperature. It’s moisturizing, safe for use around water, and has a scent that sets the mood just right, with notes of juicy red currant, wild honey and warmed oak. In fact, some customers left reviews saying that they’d started using the candle as a daily perfume. Enjoy the smell and the romantic lighting, then blow it out and seamlessly transition to… well, simply, whatever you want.

This massage wax melts fairly quickly so you have a good amount of product to work with even if you’re late to lighting the candle. As for the oil itself, it isn't sticky or gooey and the heated flame does not overheat the drippings. (Always be careful, however: blow out a massage candle before you begin pouring it on your partner, and test the wax with your finger before introducing it to other body parts.)  No partner tonight? No problem, you can also use the oil for solo stimulation.

Bomb Balm Arousal Bomb

Try saying that three times fast. This balm is meant to be applied to any spot that turns you on — from your temples to your nipples, and most other places in between — for a new, enjoyable sensation.

Lovability describes it as a “tingling” and “heightened sensitivity.” How does it work? The mix of ingredients like coconut and peppermint oils are meant to help stimulate blood flow where applied, thus supercharging your sexy bits. The balm also comes in a 2 oz. tin, which, as Lovability says, is two to three times larger than other brands on the market. 

Two things we want to note before we get into it: As awesome as it sounds, the Arousal Balm is not a lube (external use only, please) and because it’s oil-based, it’s not compatible with latex condoms.

The consistency in the jar is thick, and while the tin is certainly generously-sized, you don't need too much product to get things going. You should start to feel a tingly, cooling sensation round five to 10 seconds after application — our testers noted that it lasted for about 30 minutes. As always, test the balm on a small patch of skin before digging in to make sure you or your partner don’t have an adverse reaction.