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4 Key Benefits of Orgasms That Keep You Healthy, Happy, and Pain-Free

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4 Key Benefits of Orgasms That Keep You Healthy, Happy, and Pain-Free

Uncontroversial opinion: Orgasms are great. That overwhelming feeling, with its flood of hormones and bodily sensations, is comparable to little else. There are a plethora of orgasmic experiences from clitoral (the most common), to energetic orgasms, nipple orgasms and even mouth orgasms. 

The sign of an orgasm, or climax, is the cascade of hormones (typically prolactin, oxygen, and testosterone) released in your body after a moment of arousal, as well as the muscle contractions that come over your body alongside it. Orgasms are the so-called “pinnacle” of sex and intimacy, a loss of inhibition, a great sigh of relief.

By now, you probably know Beyond the Beez’ stance on orgasms:  The female orgasm in particular isn’t  rare and shouldn’t be thought of as a myth. What’s more, you do not need to wait for a partner to experience them! Maturbation is an incredibly healthy and natural practice everyone can add into their weekly routine. 

Use sex toys and vibrators as you see fit, and don’t get bogged down by other stereotypical intimacy practices. Your “you” time is a moment to discover what you like best.. Does breathwork help you get there? Or maybe you want to work out before you orgasm to boost your endorphin levels? How about late at night, when you're tucked into bed? Understanding what works for you is a great starter point, because then you can also better explain what you like to your partner.. 

There are a lot of other, lesser-talked-about benefits to orgasms, and they all have to do with neuroscience. In other words, orgasms don’t just feel good — they’re good for you. Here are some reasons why seeking out an orgasm a day could be considered a health kick.

Orgasms = Oxygen

One of the reasons orgasms are so sensational is that, incredibly, they infuse almost every region of the brain with oxygen all at once. This life-giving tidal wave results in “a cascade of nourishing transmitters and neurohormones that bathe the nervous system with potently positive healing molecules,” therapist Nan Wise writes in Why Good Sex Matters. It’s the equivalent of a factory reset for the brain. 

Moreover, the comedown from an oxygen-infusing orgasm often feels soothing, which can contribute to better sleep. The hormonal release that brings on an orgasm, the way your muscles relax, and the release of mental stress often caused as a result of an orgasm all contribute to this. 

Orgasm = Blood Flow

Heightened arousal causes your body to send more blood flow than usual to the lips, earlobes, nipples, and — you guessed it — your brain. This makes the external areas more receptive to touch and stimulation, while your brain experiences a boost in oxygen levels, Emily Nagoski explains in Come As You Are: The Surprising New Science That Will Transform Your Sex Life. The result is the euphoric sensation you experience when you orgasm.

Stress Reduction and Mood Improvement

Here at BTBz, we put a lot of emphasis on the relationship between stress and arousal. While yes, having sex can help you destress, being stressed out is the number one way to turn you off from “being in the mood.” It’s a double-edged sword, and the trick is to get yourself to a place where you use an orgasm to help your mood, and not the other way around. 

Orgasms trigger the release of endorphins, which are hormones that are normally associated with mood-boosting activities like exercise. A quick masturbation session or intimate session with a partner can not only serve as a welcome distraction, but it can also have lasting positive impacts on your overall emotional state. 

Of course, if you simply don’t feel like having sex on a given night, don’t force it. It might backfire and put you in an even worse mood if your mental block inhibits your session. Listen to your body and mind, and try again the next night if that’s what you need.

These benefits of orgasms can even be linked to improved immune health. And it makes sense! Less stress, closer relationships, better sleep, improved brain health, exercise — all these things are connected to overall bodily health, of which the immune system is a large component. 

Pain Relief

Their final superpower? Orgasms can help with pain relief. This is particularly relevant when it comes to menstrual cramps and period-related pain. 

There can be a natural aversion to getting intimate during “that time of the month,” when things are messy and everything feels like a raging dumpster fire. But the science says that having an orgasm can actually have an immense benefit in reducing overall period pain. The muscle relaxation that comes at the end of an orgasm, as well as the happy feelings caused by endorphins and oxytocin both help soothe your cramps. 

When it comes to period sex, be creative with your approach and try what feels good. A shower session has the dual benefit of water play without the need for cleanup, while laying a towel or sex blanket on your bed before you get down can help minimize sheet staining.