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Aia, The Sustainable Lube Company That’s The Best of All Worlds

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Aia, The Sustainable Lube Company That’s The Best of All Worlds

Everywhere you look, minimalism is the name of the game. From cream living rooms to sleek packaging on your favorite products to monochrome outfits, sometimes less really is more. That goes double for sexual self-care products — including the finds from Aia, a brand with sleek packaging and transparent ingredient lists.

When it comes to diving into Aia’s array of lubricants and oils, the impression is, at first, visual. Their product packaging is pleasantly minimalist: A series of earthy-colored glass bottles with sparse labeling. They’re also free from perfume, silicone, sulfate, and parabens, and pH balanced for your comfort and health. 

However, not only are Aia’s products vegan (a fairly common standard in the sexual wellness space), they do all of their production in the Netherlands where they are based. That means that Aia customers can count on the brand’s adherence to a more sustainable, non-exploitative production process. And that, friends, gets a thumbs up from BTBz.

Let’s talk about what Aia has to offer. 

Natural Lubricant

The focus of Aia’s natural lubricant can be summarized in one word: Moisture. This formulation is 100-percent organic and largely composed of hydrating glycerin and water (notably, two ingredients out of a list of only seven). The Aia lubricant is a pH-balanced product, which means it reflects natural vaginal pH levels. In theory, a pH-balanced lubricant can better mimic natural bodily fluids produced during sex, helping maintain vaginal homeostasis. Reviews noted that the lubricant felt very “natural” — perhaps not surprising given the ethos of its inventors.

The application is seamless and easily blended into the skin, and feels more like jelly than oil. It has a bit of a thicker feel compared to other water-based lubes, so if you’re looking for consistency, this is a good option to try. 

Natural Massage Oil

The Aia massage oil is a beautifully packaged, scentless formulation that is perfect for unwinding with a partner. It boasts only three ingredients: Rapeseed oil, shea butter, and vitamin E. Aia promises that this formulation is absorbed quickly by the skin, leaving it soft and supple without a greasy sheen. That’s right — no after-shower necessary. Like all Aia products, the glass bottle is 100 percent plastic-free, discreet, and recyclable. Reviews describe this as being a “top product.” 

This product feels hydrating and a little goes a long way. Rub it into your skin for a silky shine, or use it in your next foreplay session. 

Stimulating Gel

Interested in spicing things up a bit? What about cooling them down? The Aia clitoral stimulating gel does both. This oil-free formulation uses menthol to create a pleasant cooling effect “down there,” heightening overall sensation during masturbation (yes, it’s safe to use with silicone toys) or intercourse (condoms, too). 

Just like the Aia lubricant, this gel is water-based and pH-balanced. Sexy minimalist packaging? A given. Needless to say, getting friends of BtBz to give this stimulating gel a try was not a hard sell.

At first touch, it has a very bit of a cooling sensation as well as a pillowy texture. Rather than feeling oily, it feels smooth and subtle. The effects are faster-acting rather than long-lasting, so keep the bottle on hand if you’re looking for that tingling jolt throughout your session.