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Tenga, The Tech-Forward Sex Toy Innovator

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Tenga, The Tech-Forward Sex Toy Innovator

Though you might not think it at first, your bedside drawer is full of technology. (After all, the vibrator was first invented as a medical device!) So it matters when a sex toy brand takes the tech that goes into their products as seriously as it takes the pleasure you deserve. 

Today, BTBz is putting the spotlight on a brand with one such focus, and a fantastic origin story: That of Tenga, a brand founded by Japanese innovator Koichi Matsumoto. Growing up, Matsumoto had a knack for all things mechanical: his passion took him to vocational school, then a career in automobile maintenance, then finally a job as a used car salesman. At 34, Matsumoto looked around and realized that he wanted to try something different, so he created Tenga in March 2005.  

Now, the brand makes a wide variety of options — but the most important aspect to note is that they design all the toys themselves (which is rarer than you might realize). This means they offer a unique style of toys. With this in mind, let’s talk shop. There’s a lot to cover here.


Iroha Minamo

The Minamo is a sleek, almost futuristic-looking vaginal and clitoral stimulator. Made of waterproof silicone, the long, slender body is smooth on one side, and has soft waves on the other. Its flexible structure allows for gentle bending of the toy’s body, while the multiple vibration settings are also adjustable to achieve optimal stimulation.

One highlight of this product is the fact that it is able to charge simply by being placed in its case. That’s right: No cords or batteries, just put it away and forget. A full recharge will get you an hour of running time. The toy is also one of the most pillowy, dreamy materials the team has felt at BTBz. It can be a great tool to drag along a partner's body to give them a relaxing massage, and is also perfect for partnered activities given its size. 

Iroha Stick

Imagine a vibrator that can be kept discreetly in a purse or a small clutch, then retrieved at a moment’s notice at the right time. In shape, color, and form, the Iroha Stick looks almost exactly like a tube of lipstick, but with a powerful twist: a soft, silicone, waterproof tip that is subject to adjustable vibration strength. It comes in a number of different colors for both the hyper-realistic “lipstick” shades and tube packaging. Tenga recommends it for use on-the-go, during those myriad moments when a typical toy just isn’t practical.

The ridges on the toy create for variety and impressive stimulation, and the size means you can really focus on specific areas. If you like pinpoint vibrators, this is a great option to add to your collection. There’s both a rechargeable toy, as well as a battery-operated version. BTBz is firmly on the side of spending a little more for a rechargeable toy whenever possible — that way, you’ll never run out of power when you need it most. 

Iroha Temari Kaze

At first glance, the Iroha Temari Kaze looks less like a sex toy and more like a single scoop of ice cream in a takeaway cup (and it comes with a storage cap to boot!). The whimsical, pastel patterns on its circular head make it equal parts petite and adorable, but that’s not to understate the product’s formidable engineering. 

A simple button controls vibration strengths and rhythm patterns, while the base reduces transmission of vibrations to the toy’s holder. Weighing in at only 0.3 pounds, this vibrator can deliver 90 minutes of pleasure on a full charge — an impressive feat. It’s great for all-over vulva stimulation. Think of it as a warm-up tool to slowly build arousal. The cuplike structure really allows for a good grip on the toy. 

Iroha Rin Akane

The Iroha Rin Akane is built to deliver a mixture of internal and external sensations. This toy has a longer, cylindrical shaft and a silicone-soft bulbous head that is shower-safe and convenient to clean. With three vibration strengths and one rhythm pattern that you adjust at the base of the toy, it promises smooth simplicity and ease of use. This is a great vibrator option if you prefer to cover your entire whole clitoris with vibration. It can also be a great tool for all-over body messages.  The product is also quiet — ideal for discreet, roommate-friendly use.

Iroha SVR

This toy could easily be mistaken for an adorable silicone key chain if it weren’t for its secret super powers: Five vibration strengths and two rhythm modes. An upgrade on the conventional cock ring, the SVR delivers on multiple counts. The soft silicone ring can be used to improve erection retention and prolong orgasms for people with penises; and the vibrational modes of the protruding extension simultaneously provide stimulation for both the wearer and the receiver. The color options — pale pink and periwinkle — make the SVR look wholesome, though it’s plenty serious about the pleasure it provides. For those who mean business, black is an option, too.


The “Puffy” is exactly what it sounds like: A soft, supple, and spongy cylinder primed for penetration. The outer silicone layer is smooth and flexible when gripped, resulting in user control of friction and pressure. The inside, on the other hand, is designed with complex and dynamic stimulation in mind. Beads within the cavity sway and jiggle with use, while the internal sponge itself is meant to be pleasurably soft and fleshy. The result? A stimulating, sensual toy that offers a firm grip. 

Flip Zero Gravity

Whereas the Puffy utilizes simplistic but effective principles of textural layering, the Flip Zero Gravity can only be described as a feat of engineering. This product sucks — literally. A one-way valve allows for a strong vacuum which simultaneously seals (think no possibility of leakage) and tugs with use. The result, according to the website, is a mix of easier and faster movement as well as smoother gliding strokes. Like the Puffy, pressure can also be adjusted easily simply using your grip; the internal wall is also ribbed to create dynamic friction. 


Similarly high-tech is the Spinner masturbation tool. While the outside of the Spinner may look similar to other male masturbators, the inside contains an inner coil that twists when you insert a penis, activating spirals of silky-smooth spheres (this may be difficult to picture; for a better understanding, navigate to the produce page for a demo). It’s built to be washed and reused, and even comes with a hygienic drying rack. Best of all, it’s discreet, ribbed, and visually stimulating — the transparent body offers the user and their partner an ability to watch.